ZMG Construction: Minority Participation Initiative

ZMG Construction: Minority Participation Initiative

Beginning in 2009, ZMG Construction launched the largest participation initiative in Tampa, Florida’s history.   As the construction manager and general contractor at Encore, ZMG was able to create numerous job opportunities...

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

Better Business Bureau Accreditation

The Better Business Bureau is a public resource which provides unbiased, objective information on businesses nationwide.  According to Princeton Research reports on the Better Business Bureau, seven out of 10 individuals...

Serving Up!

Serving Up!

Serving up! is a program of the non-profit organization Professional Services Industries, Inc. based out of New Orleans, Louisiana.  This program takes the form of a school which was created by Tyrone Howard, with the help...

ZMG Construction: Industry Leaders

ZMG ConstructionZMG Construction is thriving as a leader in the industry due to their dedication to construction excellence.  For over 24 years, they have worked to master evolving technology and are continuously improving their processes.  As specialists in the construction of multi-family communities, and master-planned, mix-use development, ZMG is known for their relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction.


When this leader in the construction industry began, their sole concentration was on multi-family construction and renovation.  Today, they utilize the vast amount of experience which they have gained, evolving their company into one that spans many facets of the industry.

Urban infill projects are one aspect of ZMG’s experience.  Urban infill is the development of vacant land within a built-up community for further construction.  The United States Green Building Council strongly suggests urban infill over the use of completely undeveloped locations.

Working on greenfield and brownfield projects has given the team at ZMG valuable experience.  Greenfield development occurs on land that is underutilized.  Brownfield projects address abandoned commercial property that is repurposed.  Brownfield sites are often contaminated with minute levels of hazardous waste.  Experienced professionals are essential for these projects for their knowledge of waste neutralization, which must occur before the project begins.

Specialists in Multi-Family Community Reconstruction and Restoration

ZMG specializes in multi-family community restoration and reconstruction.  This means that when a community has damage from floods, fire, or severe weather conditions, this industry leader is able to quickly refurbish the structures in the community and eliminate the evidence of a disaster.  They also repair damage that occurs due to the natural aging of the buildings.

The construction professionals at ZMG begin the reconstruction by carefully examining the existing structures and developing specialized solutions.  Their reconstruction expertise ensures that building codes are met and that impact to the environment is reduced as much as possible.

The team’s restoration projects range from a few cosmetic upgrades, to a complete refurbishment, depending on the need of the client.  Reconstruction and restoration services differ from site to site.   ZMG works closely with the client to make sure all of their needs are met.

New Construction Projects

Along with the restoration and restoration aspects of the business, ZMG Construction works on many new construction projects.  With every aspect of new construction, they draw upon their experience to work efficiently, ensuring that the client’s vision is completed on schedule and on budget.  Architectural, construction, and engineering points of contact are all streamlined.  This fully integrated approach simplifies the procurement of materials and services, saving the client time and money.


Throughout the years, ZMG has received many awards and accolades for their great work on projects across the country.  These include:

  • 2001 National Apartment Association Renovation of the Year Award for Windsor Lake Apartments in Smyrna, GA
  • 2005 City Beautification Award for Granada Bay in Melbourne, FL
  • 2006 National Apartment Association Runner-Up for Renovation of the Year for Coquina Key in St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2006 City Beautification Award for Coquina Key in St. Petersburg, FL
  • 2007 City Beautification Award for Cedar Rim in Seattle, WA
  • 20092011 Hillsborough City-County Planning Commission Community Design Award
  • Master Planning and Urban Design, for Encore in Tampa, FL (as a member of Encore’s development team) National Apartment Association Paragon Award for The Q in Maitland, FL

The team has also received three Downtown Orlando Partnership Golden Brick Awards.  The City Beautification Awards which ZMG has received on several occasions recognize residents, property owners, neighborhoods and community groups for improvements and maintenance of their properties or neighborhoods within public view.

ZMG Construction: LEED® Accredited Professionals

Green construction is extremely important to ZMG Construction.    They see green, which they define as, “intuitive practices that support environmental sustainability,” as an obligation rather than an option.  They utilize their LEED® Accredited Professionals in the execution of green design and construction.  This leader in the construction industry is happy to produce the long-term economic and environmental benefits that are associated with green building for their clients and communities.

What is LEED®?

LEED® was established by the United States Green Building Council, and stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.  It is the performance-based rating system for all efficient, green construction.  This rating system helps further the United States Green Building Council’s mission of “creating a prosperous and sustainable future for our nation through cost-efficient and energy-saving green building.”

LEED® for Neighborhood Development

Members of the ZMG team are credentialed by LEED® for Neighborhood Development.  This is one step beyond the standard LEED® accredited professionals. It incorporates principles of smart growth, urbanism and green building into the first national system for neighborhood design.

Receiving LEED® for Neighborhood Development accreditation means that the professional was rated between one and 10 in several categories, and passed.  Sustainable sites, which are strategies which minimize the impact on water resources and ecosystems, are the first credentialing category.  The next is energy and atmosphere, which promotes better building energy performance through innovative strategies.

Water efficiency encourages indoor and outdoor smart water usage in order to reduce non-potable water consumption.  Indoor environment quality promotes access to daylight, views, and high air quality.  The final category for basic accreditation is materials and resources, which calls for the use of sustainable building materials along with the reduction of waste.

Three more categories are required for LEED® Neighborhood Development Accreditation.  The first is smart location and linkage, which promotes walkable neighborhoods with energy-efficient transportation options and open space.  The second is neighborhood pattern and design, which emphasizes compact, mixed-use, vibrant communities.  The final category is green infrastructure, which promotes the reduction of the environmental impacts of construction.

ZMG Construction and Green Building

Green construction done by LEED® accredited individuals involves much more than simply utilizing green building materials.  It ensures that the entire construction process is done in a green way.  This includes the resources used, as well as the emissions which are put out during the demolition and the build.  LEED® building goes above and beyond building codes, making the product more durable than the standard.

The toxin-free building materials used in green building helps to counteract indoor air pollution.  Indoor air pollution is considered more harmful than outdoor air pollution by experts.  ZMG works hard to prevent this pollution which can cause serious risks for future occupants.

ZMG Construction utilizes their award-winning experience to render the best products possible for their clients.  Their dedication to mastering new technologies, especially when it comes to green construction allows ZMG Construction to create sites which are better for the community, future occupants, and environment.

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